Pet Mobility – How To Help Your Handicapped Pet Move

Pet mobility is a key component in helping a handicapped dog to lead a more normal life. Owners of handicapped pets should be patient and provide plenty of encouragement to their canine so he learns how to use dog wheels or dog carts.

Pet Mobility becomes a key concern of owners of handicapped pets. It is difficult for a pet owner to see his pet suffering from an illness or injury that makes the dog immobile. Added to this is the indignity that the dog may feel at being helped to move or do his business. This could lead to further complications such as depression and in some cases deterioration of health due to lack of exercise. This is why dog wheels or dog carts are a great help to owners of handicapped pets that suffer loss of movement of one or more limbs due to injuries or medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and arthritis.

Dog wheels and canine carts help in pet mobility as they support the weakened limbs of the dog and keep him in his natural position. This way, he can sit, stand or walk the way he used to earlier. The cart is designed in such a way that it bears the load on the dog’s injured side so that the dog can use the remaining limbs to move about freely without putting any stress on the weakened limb.

However, achieving pet mobility is a long process that requires patience, effort and encouragement. Most dogs may initially find it difficult to use this cart. As a pet owner, you must support and encourage your pet to keep trying so that he learns how to use it. Once he learns, he will be able to move about freely and go about his usual activities such as going for his daily walks or runs and socializing with other canines. This in turn will result in him regaining confidence and help him lead a more normal life that is independent of your continuous assistance. It will also help him get his daily exercise which is critical to his recovery and long term health.

Ensuring that pet mobility is regained helps pet owners too. After all, which owner would not want to see his dear pet lead a normal life and more importantly not have to face the prospect of having to put their pet down. It is due to this reason that dog carts have become popular. These pet mobility devices are now available at most pet shops and veterinary clinics. They are also available for order from websites offering pet supplies where you can choose the size of your pet to find out which size of dog cart to order.

What to Choose When Looking For a Dog Lead For Your Dog

Dog leads are available in the market to suit all purposes: for a walk in the city, one in the countryside; a lead for training your pup or even one for controlling your big sized- uncontrollable dog.

A dog lead helps to make your time with your pet enjoyable and comfortable. It helps you to have control of your pet. These leads can be made of metal chains, leather, suede or nylon to walk smaller dogs but comfort level of the dog is important to consider along with the temperament of your pet. Leads come in a superb range with diamantes, bows, sparkles, colors you can get matching leads to suit your imagination.

Slip leads, check collars and metal choker chains can be terribly discomforting for your dog. Head collars are good for dogs that prove difficult to walk as they are self correcting and yet they do not cause any discomfort to your pet. For the purpose of training your dog, a leather lead is a good idea as it gives you better grip and control, does not burn your hands and is long lasting; though a bit more expensive compared to the other kinds.

The length of the lead must also be correct for a walk, one that is four or six feet in length is comfortable. For outdoor training, a twenty to fifty foot leash is required along with rubber gloves on your hands to save them from blisters and burns. Whatever your choice, just ensure that your pet is comfortable and can move without encumbrance so that wearing and moving with the lead does not become an ordeal for your dog.

Organics Are For Your Pets Too!

Remember that its not just the health of you and your families that is at risk when you using non-organically produced foods. Your pets can and should eat better especially with the number of organically produced foods and cleaning supplies there are available in stores now. Did you know that every year more then 5 billion pounds of animal litter is sent to landfills? Don’t only do this for environmental reasons, we should also be doing to keep our animals safe. Here are a few tips you can follow to help keep your animals healthy.

Use Natural and Organic Pet Food

Pets should eat food of the same quality as you do. This means organic foods and produce that are not contaminated with toxic residues. There are many different brands of organic, holistic or natural pet foods available and use ingredient sources that are natural, without the addition of growth hormones or other chemicals. Check the labels to be sure that the foods are rich in natural nutrients and vitamins.

Organic Cleaning and Grooming Products

Don’t just think about the food. The products you use to help them stay clean and safe may cause their body harm. Make sure you use organic cleaning products that are safe for your pets and the environment as you never know when you will find your dog or cat licking something up off the counter. Many cleaning supplies and now use plant-based cleansers and bio enhanced cultures that can help to keep their coat shining. Products based on these cleansers are non-toxic (check labels to make sure) and can even be used for flea removal.

Organic Pet Accessories

When we buy toys for our kids, one of the first things we do is check the label to make sure that it does not contain lead or other harmful products. Do the same for your pets. Lead is even more harmful to pets then it is to humans. Its often best to get creative and create toys from goods that you had planned to throw out already. There are also collars and blankets made from organic cotton that contains no pesticides or herbicides that your pet will thank you for!